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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions here at Mantis and we're always happy to help! If you dont see your specific question on this list please contact us!

How bad will my tattoo hurt?


Pain is a subjective matter, your pain level will vary just based on how you tolerate pain in general as well as the area in which you are being tattooed. While tattooing is inherantly painful, it is tolerable and is not a huge wave of pain all at once.  Fear of the unknown is often the worst, come with a clear and calm head and you will be absolutely fine!

Is tattooing safe?


Absolutely! We take our safety and sanitation precautions very seriously here at Mantis. All of our artists have advanced sanitation and cross contamination knowledge, as well as the proper equipment and means of decontamination to keep you 100% safe! All of our tattoo artists operate on a fully disposable set up. This means that any materials that come in contact with your skin are immediately thrown away after use. All materials are appropriately sterilized and in tact in the packaging , your specific tattoo set up will be opened directly in front of you!

I am under 18, can my parent or guardian sign for me?


Unfortunately we do not tattoo under the age of 18 under any circumstance at this time, nor do we allow children under the age of 16 into the shop at all. Piercing age of consent is another matter; please refer to the piercing section of this website for more information

Am I able to walk-in for tattoos?


We try very hard to take walk-in clients as frequently as possible, due to the popularity of our artists it is not very often we are able to. You are welcome to call ahead and ask, however it is always best to make an appointment.

How do I care for my tattoo?

For specific aftercare instructions please visit our aftercare section above!

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