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If you happened to lose your aftercare sheet we provied you in person, or just may be curious what your aftercare may include, please read below!

Remove your bandage in 2-4 hours


Wash your tattoo gently but thouroughly with warm water and antibacterial soap then gently blot dry with a disposable paper towel.



Apply a mild moisturizer like Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion, unscented Lubriderm, or vitamin A&D ointment 3-4 times daily with clean hands for at least 2 weeks or until all dryness is gone. Be careful not to over moisturize! A little bit can go a long way sometimes!

Leave it be!


Do NOT pick or scratch any scabs or dry spots! Your tattoo will peel almost like a sunburn and this is perfectly normal. Removing these flakes prematurely can adversely effect your healed tattoo. Also be careful not to soak your new tattoo in water. Avoid bathtubs, hot tubs, or swimming pools for at least two weeks. Washing carefully in the shower is just fine.

Be careful with the sun!

Sunlight is the natural enemy of all tattoos! While healing avoid direct sunlight or tanning for at least two weeks and always wear a high SPF rated sunblock on your tattoo even after it is healed. Keeping harsh UV rays away from your tattoo will keep it looking bright and beautiful for a long time to come!

We are ALWAYS here to help!

​If you have a specific question feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help you, our contact information can be found above.

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